Friday, November 24, 2006

The Mole

And now it's time for Watching El Topo, with Adam Cofer:

Adam: Was that a metaphor?

Jesse: *barely contains exasperation*

After "adjusting" to the surrealism, Adam's surround sound system starts buzzing.

From the troubleshooting section of the Technics manual:

1. Is your stereo properly grounded?

2. Are you attempting to watch El Topo?

Ten minutes later:

Me: This one's not very plotty...

Adam: Jodorowsky's Catholic. Well, that explains......nothing.

Adam: This is sort of a funeral procession for his nads.

Me: Elegy, right to the nuts!

Stop blinking if you want to understand what's happening.

Forty five minutes in:

Me: Oh, well there's water coming out of that desert penis.

Adam: (mit nonchalance, at this point) Okay.

Adam: I mean, bisexual is one thing, but she's a cactus fucker.


This film was shot in Anamorphic Fuck You


If you, or anyone you know is suffering from UMF, please call this toll-free number.

It may be possible to spread UMF to others

Adam: Jodorowsky just donkey-punched me.


Episode Recap West Wing Announcer Voice: Last Week, on EL TOPO......Tonight, on a very Special EL TOPO!.....

I think next Thanksgiving, I'll just buy a lava lamp and watch that.

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