Sunday, December 24, 2006


Some malignant news of an obit to a dear and unnecessarily departed hero almost rocked me back into my car and into Melton Lake last night, but thankfully, countless familiar faces insisted on hugging me right back into the room. Humble gratitude.

Last night was whirlwindy. It was great and weird and wonderful to see everyone. I was overwhelmed. I had a great time.

I'm glad I'm going to get to see all of you when I get back on NYE-E.

'Course, that doesn't include Nick, who's NYing on NYE, and I was sorry we couldn't catch up last night after Erin's. After the few days I'd had, I was bone tired. Plus I forgot to take this oft repeated and oft consternatin' steroids, what makes it possible for me to hear all of you again. Nick, I hope we get to catch up before you Orient yourself.

Merry Christmas, all, and that includes Jef's lasagna.


Lilyiris said...

who died?

glasshole said...

I'm not going to be around for NYE. Boo. Maybe I'll see you someday.