Monday, April 30, 2007

Would That I Were Paid to Write Daily Panegyrics

My first thought at having turned twenty-five:

If A Prairie Home Companion were nine hours long, it would be too short.

One of the last exiting thoughts during my gig as a smoldering twenty-four year old:

Thanks and many a wow to Jef Johnson for sending me this!

That's exceedingly wicked and I miss you and your tattered sweater. Glad to see you've got a rockin' near future.

Here's to the next quarter of a century, all.


anawinston said...

Hope your day is spectacular spectacular!

:) Miss you!

glasshole said...

Much love on the day after your move into this side of the twenties. It's pretty good here if you ask me. Pudgier, maybe. I, too, miss you. Let's party.

Adam said...

Crapzilla! Happy birthday! See you in a few days!

santoritimes said...

Dear Sir,

I ought to be capable of swinging through oak ridge or chatanooga sometime around memorial day weekend. Scheme with me, yo quero partying with Jesse Williams.

-j. vernon johnson, esq.