Friday, October 05, 2007

I've Got You, Babe


"Along the way, they are pursued by Homeland Security troops, and there is a chase scene with one of the most sudden and violent moments I have ever seen in a film. Not all of the chases in all of the Bournes equal this one, shot in a single take by one camera, for impact."

He Was Never Once Paid by the Word: Bleak House

All the President's Stab: Zodiac


Rhys said...

Too Fucking Right, man. Too fucking Right.

while he delves a little more into the political voice of this movie than I would have preferred, he got the bit parts right, and that's what matters, no?

anyway, A recap of my evening:

1)open 42nd street in nanjing, china. plan to go to very groovy nearby bar.

2) meet up with cast whilst collecting mics and learn of a guy offering free vip room and drinks at other, also nearby, groovy bar.

3) decide to take "Free booze" route.

4) later, at bar, get in drunken conversation with said Guy Buying Drinks, and his Drunken Friend, about how the Breaks the club is playing are good, but that they need to tune their system, bring out the bass, etc.

5) Find out that "Drunken Friend" is, in fact, owner of said club.

6) Meet DJ, Tune system, make sound
Very Fucking Good. Talk about Tommorrow Night (semi-official opening night party)

7) Are given Carte Blanche use of said club for following evening including but not limited to: musical stylings, vip rooms, guest list, drink list and closing time.

8) plan One Hell Of A Party.

9) Wonder a bit about how this is all happening, find out Generous friend is owed much money by club owner.

10) Wallow in current predicament.

so, there you go. Do I throw one hell of an amazing party and risk the consequences, or do I call it a wash?

personally, I think this can go off without a hitch, but I shall talk to the people here that do that sort of thing tommorrow.

Ps: If this happens, Expect your newest set to be played.

Plaid Avenger said...

So, are you going to be in Nanjing forever? No. Are you worried about Karma? Seems that would be a predicament on the subcontinent, and I don't think you're touching ground there. 'Course, I know you don't want to screw anybody over or make a rough situation worse.

Then again, I'm confused by your story. The club owner and the proprietor of your proper party are the same person, or two different people?

Mostly, I just want to have my Chinese premiere. But do what you gotta do.

My choons r n Chna. Rckin' yr bdy.
Trst yr instnkts. Kthxbai.

Rhys said...

yeah, I slept on it and decided "hey, a party is a party is a party (is a shindig). I'm goin for it, about to head out the door, actually. (and, as it turns out, our company manager just told the whole cast about it, so it's a Done Deal.)

also, I may have been wrong about the guy, but regardless of who he is, he can come up with one hell of a spread overnight.

gonna go find out what Kristal tastes like, brb...

Plaid Avenger said...

Eww. I hope you don't mean the sandwiches.
Have some video the event!