Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mind. On. Brink.

Things Keeping Me Going:

Renewing Synapses vis. smoking cessation.

Ishiguru's The Remains of the Day

HBO's John Adams, with Abigail coming off as much less of a bitch than I've heard (but we all knew I'd go for her)

All the freakin' music. Viddy well the charts, down where it says 'charts'.

My 2 new Gigs of RAM.

Things too crazy to handle:

My synapses renewing vis. smoking cessation (or maybe not. I just know my body's changing to something new)

The never-ending exhaustion I've been enduring since November.

The Future.

The Past.

1 comment:

David said...

dude, I told you that ishiguro was gonna make you his bitch.

is it an abigail thing, or a linney thing?


ishiguro is the first author I read that seems to think just as much about what he's leaving out as what he's putting to paper.