Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Message to Red Democrats

Got nothing against Hillary. Really don't. I understand her need to win. She's a Clinton, after all. She may be the more practical candidate, but what it boils down to for me is that I'm not a Reagan Democrat, not by a damn long shot, and I would like the chance to finally, at long fucking last, vote please god Rock-me-Amadeus for a liberal candidate, even one that comes somewhere close to liberalism.

As bad as the economy is, as troubling as the war is, I'm for literacy, personal freedoms and intellectual curiosity. The conquering of current traumas, foreign and domestic, can only be truly achieved with an overall cultural goal on the horizon. That goal could help us find a harbor for this sinking boat. We've needed some form of striving; indeed, some possible (perhaps mild) elitism has been called for, for a long, long time. That may not be truly inchoate in Obama (or it might be), but it surely isn't in you, Hillrod

Hush, now, poor woman. I would've voted for you with little trouble, and slept better at night with you in office than the wretched Rovian surrogate we've endured for eight years, but I prefer even the most scant possibility of childlike vision over gas-tax pandering and appealing to our fears.

Not hedging my bets on it, but it's time to at least roll the dice.

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michael persad said...

and then you wake up, yawn, stretch, go into the bathroom and stare into the mirror where, just over your left shoulder, a reflection of nader stares back. you turn to look, but there's no one behind you, but he's still in the mirror, over your left shoulder. and you're like, 'damn you apparition nader, damn you to hell'! and he just smiles, but stays.