Monday, June 09, 2008

Not That I Mind It Right Now

Oh, so this is insomnia? Really? Is that what happens when your body finally starts to feel closer to normal again after six solid months of disrepair? Good thing I'm unemployed! Ha! I can just enjoy this. Get some readin' done. That copy of Vidal's Lincoln feels timely. Want the new essay compilations by Sedaris and Chabon, but my unemployment laughs that right in the face. I have big city to visit next week.

Seriously, I'm about to be bouncin' off the walls, and not to get too repetitive here, but it could be this!

I zapped the pleasure centers of my brain into dullness. So I haven't exactly enjoyed anything for awhile. Now I'm starting to again, slowly, and my body no sleep. No sleep 'til Chicago, where I'm sure I'll sleep none at all!

So, since I'm starting to respond to fun things again, pretty lights make laptop flash and hum mmmm sparkle sparkle:

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