Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Digested enough music lately? I didn't think so.

The weekend gave us a comprehensive and relentless Essential Mix from Fake Blood, a producer I've been slowly gaining a dependence on. This mix is well worth the two hours.

If you're looking for something gnarlier, Crookers is here to help with a decidedly unusual approach to a set list. Get it here.

Open up yer iTunes and click on this rightcheere

That's the Marine Parade podcast, and last week Alex Metric's March mix came out, with a relatively new track from Zombie Nation, a remix by Metric of Ladyhawke's Paris is Burning, and a sneak of his new Head Straight EP. One track from the EP is the midpoint of the set, and it's called What Now? AND IT WILL OWN YOU.

Other than that, here's some freebies:

Alex Metric remix of Freeland's new track.

Evil Nine's giving away their own remix of Icicles if you just sign up.

Finally, because I can't resist, here's a coupla these here embedded pickins, though you shoulda heard Metronomy's Heartbreaker by now (or there's no decency in radio), and A-Trak's latest remix is just quite sex.

Happy Snake Whackin' Day.

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