Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fuck Chuck Norris

So, this lost me a Twitter follower the other day. Hold on, I'm not cryin' about that, in and of itself. I tweat to get ideas out there when I can, but I'm generally happy to be following people and not terribly concerned about who's following me (who am I kidding? LOVE. ME.)

What upsets me is the lack of principle on which I was un-followed. The person in question and I have been having this fight for awhile, their position being something akin to "people use political arguments simply to hate each other, and we shouldn't be negative to one another". Yes, and one day we'll all just ride ponies into paradise. Whatever. The argument in question this time applies to more than just my little squabble with a friend.

For those of you who don't know, Chuck Norris posted this last year on Townhall. It more or less calls for "sexual deviants", i.e., gays and lesbians, to be castrated. It's unspeakably vicious right-wing invective. This guy campaigned for Huckabee. If he had made those comments about any other minority group, he wouldn't be allowed within 500 yards of any political campaign. His career would be over. Ask Michael Richards how he's doing lately.

It's a dreary example of our generation's basic un-seriousness that we all know the tired internet meme based on Chuck Norris, but we don't know that he's actually a bigot. Here we have a cultural icon getting away with the most despicable and unacceptable homophobia, but I'm getting un-followed when I break the news to certain people, presumably because an internet fad that got tired in 2004 is more important than gay rights?

Sad. Besides, aside from all that, what exactly is it that Chuck Norris represents culturally? Of course, he manifests the classic American canard that violence solves problems.

To my mind, those jokes will only be funny to you now if after reading this you actively repress the things you've just found out.

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