Sunday, August 16, 2009

... and Rice Crispie Treats

Been spinning these monthly events this summer at J.J.'s Bohemia, with a crew goes by Computers & Friends.

While there are those parties wholly satisfied with and only with the metronome, these boyos have fully embraced the broken beat (just in time me hopes for a prime and tasty Halloween mix, the most perfect time of year for the evilist of beats).

I'll try and get some of their sets online here if I can, but for now, I'll come out of internets-mixin'-sabbatical and offer you my June 28th show:

But of course, download here at the Droid-Rock show. Right click, ctrl click, whatever you gotta do.

What, you won't click? Fine, here's a tracklist:

1. Capricorn - 9 Nickel (Kevin Beber & Waveform)
2. Landlines - Shadow Dancer
3. Samo Ti (AC Slater mix) - Fagget Fairys
4. Starter - Boys Noize
5. The Night - Evil Nine
6. Riverside - Sidney Samson
7. A City Under Siege - Boy 8-Bit
8. I Love U (Bart B More mix) - Larry Tee
9. Shirley You Can't Be Serious? - Alex Metric
10. Machine In The Ghost (Djedjotronic mix) - The Faint
11. Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors mix) - Plump DJs
12. Lovesick (Evil Nine mix) - Friendly Fires

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