Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lost Gospel

Slide on back to 2002, where breaks are at the very height of their power and influence over the collective techno-sphere, and I'm at the center of that vortex, absorbing and downloading all the best of this music I can find. I have so much good, diverse, interesting stuff, I reject an entirely worthy side B of a mixtape, in favor of a more bangin' one.

The result was The Gospel of Subsonic Funk. Used to be, I had forty-five minutes on both sides of each tape, and I would make side A my main-floor and side B my head-scratchy, weird side.

That was what I thought this mix was, but turns out, it has a few really nice breaks tracks from the time, and I found it, recently, backed up with my other sets. Viddy:

Apocryphal Mix

By all means, head on to the Droid-Rock Show and download it. You know the drill. Much respect to Steve Bug and DJ-T's Monsterbaze, a track so huge I'm tempted to throw it back into rotation nearly a decade later. We heard Adam Freeland play it in Nashville in 2001 and it made the crowd stop dancing. Stopped dancing because they were so unbelievably mind-blown by it they had to just take it in.

13. Ananda Ghost - Idol (Dark Globe Mix)

14. Raze - Break 4 Love (Future Funk Squad Mix)

15. Sonic Animation - I'm Afraid I Think I'm Human (Nubreed vs Phil K mix)

16. David James - A Permanent State (Waveform mix)

17. Steve Bug Vs DJ-T - Monsterbaze

18. Bushwacka! - Butterfly

19. Banca De Gaia - Obsidian (The Light Vs. Proper Filthy Naughty mix)

20. Planet Funk - Inside All The People (Lee Coombs Dub)

21. Quinn Whalley - Crack Whore

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