Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blind as a Newborn Kitten


Bracing, yeah?

What I've never been able to understand, and have been forced to contemplate again after many years of leaving it alone, is why does it take so much effort for these people, these fundamentalists, to believe in the big G?

I mean, this country is still only the barest fraction non-believer. What's so threatening? We have the hugest, I mean hugest "Faithpoint" section I've ever seen in a BAM before. It's like we've got a whole Lifeway in there. How much supplemental shit do you people need? You've got all that, and you want to take over the whole rest of the print/electronic media? Why? Is this really a gotta-catch-'em-all scenario?

Makes me reaaaally hope I'm left behind. Would you really want to share an eternity with people who need this kind of blanket?

Better vote, and you better do it in droves, people, from now on. Serious shit's afoot.


Plaid Avenger said...

Only comments that are not spam, and are attributed to people willing to admit who they actually are will be published in any thread here.

David said...

sorry, I said, "when you act like there are only two camps, you make it hard for the rest of us not to choose one of them. That goes for 'both' camps."

--David Moore

The anonymous was an accident, but it seems to have bothered you less than the comment itself.

Plaid Avenger said...

(I've had a lot of spam from some offshore printing company ;)

If you're determined to read some kind of reductive, binary one-camp two-camp thing into this, I'll be at loss at which part of my post you're finding that in. Obviously I don't believe all believers exist in any one particular camp.

I'm anti-fundamentalism, anti-militant-Christianist (or Islamist, or Janisto-Fascist, or whatever). I make no apologies for this, and it's not my problem what "camp" people find themselves in. I'm not vainglorious enough to suppose that I'm going to sway anyone's cosmological views one way or another.

But I will oppose radicalism, bigotry and theocracy in every possible way I can.

Plaid Avenger said...

(if there are two camps at all in Christianity, I think they're divided between the people who are secure, comfortable and whole in their faith, and those who are so unsure of it they need sixty copies of the Bible and eighteen-hundred devotionals.)