Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Canard

I won't be writing any sort of stabilized review of Inception until I take my boo to see it next week, and am able to sort it more clearly a second time.

Briefly, I will say, however, something I've said before about different material in the past. The complaint has been surfacing (spoiler?) that the lucid dreaming of these characters is impossible, that is, dreams just don't work like that.

I will not speak to the real world implications of this. Either the conceit of this movie is impossible or it isn't. But.....ahem:

You can't hear explosions in space. You can't bend a spoon with your mind. There are no such thing as replicants. It's almost 2015 and we don't have hoverboards yet.

Nobody talks like an Aaron Sorkin or Quentin Tarantino character in real life.

You don't accept the premise of Inception? Then you weren't paying attention to how carefully they set up the notion that our protagonists have been at this for awhile, are the special ops of the dream-world.

And you're just looking to complain, aren't you?

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