Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blithering Dammit

I must find more opportunities to use the word unctuous. It's a word I like, but damn it all, if there's a word I misspell to the point of having to look it up CONSTANTLY, it seems to be that one (which requires being able to spell it, so you can imagine, after I've had a few more glasses of scotch, how that goes for me).

I swear, folks, this'll be it for a few days, postingly, because I'm commissioned by the government to figure out just what's happening in Moll Flanders, and by god, I'm pretty sure that I can't get to Jane Austen fast enough. Oy.

Confusing? No. Mildly diverting.

Am I a stay-at-home middle class 17th century maid or housewife? NO.



Rhys said...


Please tell me that was a metaphorical backlash of the pouring-fruit-punch-on-the-head-of-the antagonist-after-he-gets-thrown-on-the-prom-cake sort of way

Rachel said...

or maybe he just has spittle for brains from too many puns a la Rhys.

or his brain leaked out his nose after he popped his ears for the seventy billionth time.

Or he is Jesse and school is back.

Rhys said...

or maybe rachel is a poo-face.

oh, and

Rhys said...

on holly's suggestion:
That's not what I meant about the bt/sorkin thing. I was referring to their behaviors and situations.

Plaid Avenger said...

Which I don't think are terribly similar, as Studio 60 is mediocre and TBU is sublime. I mean, we could argue over the merits of the work, but it wouldn't get us terribly far.
I tend to think that what would get us even nowhere-er is worrying overmuch about what goes on in an artist's personal life. It's not my business if BT drop kicks Kaia into Lake Michigan tomorrow, though I would hope the authorities would take care of him if he did.
What would upset me would be a loss of new BT albums as he would end up in prison foerver.
If the work is good, that's all I need. If it's bad, I don't need to hear from Sorkin or anybody else that I'm not "professional" enough to adequately assert that his show is dull.
I want popcorn.

Plaid Avenger said...

Also, I would like to point out that the idea of toddlers being dropped kicked into Lake Michigan, though funny in the abstract, depending on how you structure it, is not something I find naturally funny.

Rhys said...

That's because you didn't dress them up as clowns first.