Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Need To Get Paid To Write About the Damn Movies

Or, I need a car, because I haven't seen enough current movies this year.

But, here's my official Top Ten of 2007. All other 2007 entries eligible for next year, including Juno, Sweeney Todd, Control, Charlie Wilson's War, There Will Be Blood, etc.

Dekalog still makes the list.

10. Grindhouse
9. Superbad
8. Across The Universe
7. Bug
6. The Darjeeling Limited
5. Eastern Promises
4. The Lives of Others
3. American Gangster
2. Dekalog
1. No Country For Old Men

Had to remind myself what I'd seen this year, and I'd left off a few notables. I've been out of my gourd lately, because I completely forgot to mention American Gangster, which is no small oversight, seeing as how it's Ridley Scott's best film since Blade Runner.

Honorable mention must go to the makers of Shoot 'Em Up, the fuckinest fuckin' fucker of a movie I've ever seen. We were right, Smoke Frog, we were right.

Thanks also to that one guy who screamed "Holy Shit!" during Spider Man 3 when Pete b-slapped MJ.


Adam said...

"Bat-slapped?" Dude. Peter Parker Spidey-slaps.


Lilyiris said...

I like your list. I miss you. The third Spidey would make it on the worst movies I saw this year....god I was dissapointed.

santoritimes said...

I saw National Treasure 2. Olmecs built a city of gold in South Dakota. I'm super cereal.

also: happy new year.

Plaid Avenger said...

And to you, Jef! National Treasure 2 was a blight on the otherwise brilliant season, eh? Except for the whole Nic Cage makes fun of British People scene. I laughed at that.

Plaid Avenger said...

Oh! Speak of the Devil! ----------->

Lilyiris said...

I'm glad you like the Justice so much! Yeah for me! Also, I am downloading your sets. Also, The boyfriend is taking me to see There Will Be Blood tomorrow! Yeah for boyfriends with funds!