Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Call in Gay Day

I don't have a job to call into, not yet, in spite of interviews and applications. Nothin'. And I keep hearing I'm supposed to congratulate our President for his AIDS work.

What's fair is fair, he's done more than any President in history regarding AIDS funding for Africa.

That's great. It's great that some Christians I run into don't give a flip about the state of our country now, could care less if it became one giant sinkhole and we all died instantaneously, so long as we've done a good deed for the afterlife.

Meanwhile, being HIV+ in this country has become manageable, depending on your UpperIncome+ status or lack thereof.

I think we should all recognize the effort made by President Bush to help Africa with its AIDS epidemic. Maybe he and Matt Damon can start a charitable foundation together on January 21st.

Until then, I'm not spending too much time congratulating the political party that first labeled AIDS as Gay Related Immune Deficiency.

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