Sunday, December 14, 2008

Omar's Banjee

I'm rounding a corner. Gathering my bearings, I can't think of much to cogitate on, ergo, erratic posting, not even much to twitter. You can only call George Lucas FAT so many times before figuring something else out to pare down to (or from) 140 characters. Not that that will stop me, mind.

I'll be writing a little more about the movies, as per usual, and I'll be putting together a list after seeing as much as I possibly can before the new year. You can expect nothing less than an enthusiastic review of Milk, which I saw last night, and can wholeheartedly say is the best biopic I've seen in the past five years, not simply because I'm obviously biased.

Until then, because it's perennial:

Whole Lot More Nuns Running Around: Milk

Old School Hydrox-Steezy: Mad Decent Radio

Muthafucka: The Wire Season 2

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