Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Opposite Marriage"

Things are really looking down for the anti-marriage movement, aren't they? Did a large majority see the gay "storm gathering" ads? Did anybody unencumbered by a seventh-grade emotional maturity level take the ads seriously?

Now we have this model who manages to make both marriage opponents and models live up to the stereotype. Let those apparently moved by her attitude cheer all they want, but from now on, I'm calling straight marriage "opposite marriage". With the divorce rates as high as they are in this country, it seems about right.

Incidentally, I don't refer to it as gay marriage. It's marriage, plain and simple, between two consenting adults. To oppose that is to do so on grounds that were covered nowhere in the New Testament, and you can spare me the one scintillating but ambiguous passage from Leviticus. That's a concern for the Jewish community, and I don't believe they hold a political preponderance in either major American party, as Christians do.

The line's getting overplayed, in this case because it's true: Replace the topic of "gay" marriage with that of De-segregation, and that woman would never walk on any stage anywhere, except maybe in Mississippi or Wasilla.

Back to unabashed gayness:

Dick Cheney going on Hannity to badmouth the Obama administration is the equivalent of walking onto the gay porn set with your butt-plug, ready and willing to go. These events both have their intended audiences.

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