Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wish I Didn't Have to Politicize....

...but, so far, the deadliest attack to take place on American soil occurred under a President who ran on a platform of strong national security and strong national defense, and was warned about it repeatedly, and was reading a story-book to children the moment we were hit.

Zero people die in a failed terrorist attack, and Obama's weak, can't keep us safe? You, all of you, need serious, serious propaganda cessation treatment. Stat.

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Watching the fake ad they made here makes me wonder, considering the above, if maybe Democrats could be forgiven a little, facts checked or not, for not wanting to seem like Republicans in sheeps' clothing. But the facts need to be stressed a little more than they are, one way or another.

Because, again, I ask the question, why are you all so silent on your own party's complete and abject failure to keep us safe in the first place? Would you all have been so forgiving and supportive to Al Gore? Don't make me laugh.

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