Saturday, June 05, 2010


There've been a few DJ sets, preceding the one in yesterday's entry, that have so far this year kept alive the proper filthy naughty. Do they come from the places you'd predict I'd reconnoiter?

Would you have it any other way? After this set, lamentably missed by all of us not in Miami this past March? Scroll to minute 3:10 and tell me you didn't burn a hole in your britches. Liar:

Stanton Warriors - Miami Beach Party Session Live @ WMC 2010 by Stanton Warriors

The most impressive production duo currently alive and being monitored by the Men in Black is the Netherlands' The Walk and Rogerseventytwo. Here's why I'm right about that:

And here's access to their latest DJ mix, straight from the brand new label they call home.

Golden Bug has had a terrific year, out-producing almost everyone on the block, in quality and quantity (It's sad that the prolific producers tend to produce the most redundant stuff. That's not the case, here). If you haven't rocked the hell out of his Flamingo EP, you aren't a DJ this year.

Here's his Blah Blah Blah podcast set.

In which he introduced me to:

Now that you've had your cocoa puffs, pour some Balkan hot sauce on 'em:

Nico de Transilvania - Balktronic mix by Nico de Transilvania

Now push play on all these things at once.

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