Friday, August 10, 2007


Not sure about the sound quality here, but I tested out the first random free podcasting host I found.

You can find it here.

That's a little set I did last summer, and I mostly wanted to share it for the first three tracks.

I've got some killer stuff lying in wait for the lot of you to taste, coming soon, if this was a success.

So, gimme some feedback on the sound quality and let me know if there's any consensus on my needing to try this elsewhere.

Also, the name of that podcast site is probably going to change, as it's very late and I lack clear judgment.


Holly said...

NowLive. I'm telling you. Longhorn Book Deal has the mad hookup.

Plaid Avenger said...

Well. I woulda tried with them, except I can't upload any file greater than 10mb, and it looks like you need three cell-phones, a slide whistle and an active microphone to record your shows. I'm not sure we want this recorded with a microphone in the first place.

I could be wrong about all that however, I will certainly take LBD's advice, as I didn't actually realize he had the mad hook up.

Plaid Avenger said...

HA! I now realize he left a comment yesterday re: mad hook up.

What you got, PB?

LBD said...

First things first - a Sloop John B remix! I've heard it all... Very cool.

As for NowLive, shoot me an email (via Holly) and I'll fill you in. I know they have a featured Friday night show that's supposed to be a Clubbers Night Out type thing, so it's music-friendly in some capacity.

Barstoolio said...

I love this mix. It's on repeat.

(and the sound quality is shockingly good for 96kbps.)

Holly said...

So the attention of strangers was what he needed all along. Had our adulation grown repetitive, 'Box?

Jesse said...

Of course not!! I just never had the time to do this until the past few days. Also, I'm being inundated with music righ tnow.

Plaid Avenger said...

K. Case you read that last comment, it was supposed to read "I owe my newfound listeners to you" not, "I don't".

No, I haven't been drinking. But yes, I shouldn't use comment threads while half-asleep. Oy.