Monday, August 06, 2007

I Will Attack, and You Don't Want That

Oh, hilarious.

So, Holly vs. Longhorn Book Deal in a cage match at The Great Barstoolio's (that place with all the funny sex music talk):

The musical mise-en-scène?

Why, if it isn't house vs. breaks, the original Abel and Cain.

Only, we're totally Cain. When you see that forehead mark, you know the funky trouble's comin'.

Fly, you fools.

Though, lately, I have been talking up the death of the genre boundary, I must still insist that that's less to do with being frustrated with breaks at all (quite the opposite), and more to do with the whole tired lot of house, d'n'b and otherwise genre-strangled formulations vegetabalizing me at most intervals of their being played out.

More trash talk is by all means accepted here.


Holly said...

Now how did I never think to call him Longhorn Book Deal?

The Great Barstoolio said...

(that place with all the funny sex music talk)

I can die now.

Jesse said...

your site is an ongoing hilarity. Don't do that!

The Great Barstoolio said...

Oh, alRIGHT.

JebusHChrist said...


The Great Barstoolio said...

In other news, I can't decide whether "your site is an ongoing hilarity" or "that place with all the funny sex music talk" should be my new byline.

Both can be take two ways, and all four are fitting.

Plaid Avenger said...

heh. Danke, I do what I can.

I think one of my favorites ever, though it may just be a blurb and not a byline, is (for some reason), whomever it was (jeebus?) that said it (to Holly):

"The fucking we could do in a sleeping bag"

Barstoolio said...

My favorite. It even comes with a delightful mental image accessory!

JebusHChrist said...

Holly inspires me to lounge in the depths of creative depravity.