Friday, January 25, 2008

Cesspool of Imbecility

Having posted on Facebook, strangely enough, my reaction to John Gibson's unbelievably shameless and incsrutably mean-spirited mocking of Heath Ledger's death (not to mention Ledger's portrayal of a certain laconic cowboy), I stopped for a second.

I won't un-post the note, but to write one so topically is uncharacteristic of me. It occurred to me that I've hated the very fact of Gibson's career for many years.

He would be on in the living room on a daily basis, and my loving Mom and Granny seemed to agree with him. He lost me upon sight, but I remember being sold on the need for a good tar-application to him when he listed Star Wars as a possible cause of Columbine-style violence, because they use laser guns in those movies.

Before, I felt he should've been fired for relentless mediocrity. Now, since Imus got fired (deservedly) for his racial slur, Gibson should be fired for his homophobic mockery. Which is what it was. As one article I read helpfully points out, this guy was mocking a straight man (well, two, including Gyllenhaal) for even playing gay.

We really should use mediocrity as grounds for dismissal, but if what it takes is stuff like this, maybe they'll all be dumb enough to weed themselves out.

But if this isn't enough of a slur on behalf of the minority I'm a part of, then Imus might as well get his job back.


Michael said...

John Gibson: idiot.

My biggest fear is the The Imaginarium... will become another Quixotic quest, and to miss out on two Gilliam movies in one lifetime would be too much for me to bear.

Plaid Avenger said...

Yeah, Brazil and 12 Monkeys alone affected me so deeply at such crucial stages in my life that the Gilliam Curse alarms me to no end. He's the Orson Welles of fantasy films, and Ledger's death is made all the more awful for the possibly of losing another one.

The scene where DeNiro is accosted by flying newspaper and slowly vanishes? Yeah. Any filmmaker who could do that ought to be allowed to keep working by the universe.

AeroZeppelin said...,2933,324966,00.html

This will really piss you off...

Plaid Avenger said...

Yeah, but in the case of the Westboro Church, I'm past the point of shock or anger. I simply pity any closeted member of that church for the life he or she will never have.

anawinston said...

you know Imus went back to work a while ago, right??

Plaid Avenger said...

Not on MSNBC he didn't. I don't doubt he's still slingin' his geizerdom on some satellite radio station somewhere, but he lost his mouthpiece and his credibility all the same.