Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've stumbled upon some workins from a lab. I sneaked in clandestinely (fine, I was alerted).

Before the inevitable explosions and village terrorizings begin, I figure I can sneak you in and let you decide whether or not you'll want to be brandishing pitchforks or boards with nails in them.

It's likely, however, that after the creature reaches unity, you'll want to thank Andrew, and have him send you a hard copy.

Whatever you decide, it'll be a pleasure for me and you alike to get daily or so doses of an unfolding translation of Bajky a podpovídky (Fables and Understories by Karel Capek)

It tasty.

Movies are My God Now (Again): Margot at the Wedding, Eastern Promises, Charlie Wilson's War, Once, The River, Bonnie and Clyde

About To Choke a Bitch Unless: There Will Be Blood

Probably Perfect: In Rainbows - Radiohead


Andrew said...

And new content every day?

My oh my!

PS: Much thanks for the linkage, especially as I've (temporarily?) deactivated my other blog.

PPS: We'll get to actual stories soon, I promise.

Plaid Avenger said...

These are awesome.