Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blast This Woman Into Space, Please

And now, I can finally say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Clintons and Hillary's supporters have erased for me whatever positive feelings I had for Bill or Hillary.

What was that last night? Why make such a lavish video tribute to a losing candidate? Not that it underlined any specific accomplishments in her career, because how could it? Her record in the Senate is a check list of cozying up to Republicans.

She lost. At a convention to nominate the candidate with the most delegate votes, you make it about the candidate and draw stark focus to the ill-advised policies of the opposing candidate.

You don't give a loser that much screen time. Obama wins, but last night's pomp and circumstance felt like the Obama camp friggin' CONCEDING to her.

He just coddled her and her pea-brained myopic little feminazi supporters. Real Feminism should be a part of a larger, holistic goal. Your candidate lost, people. SHE LOST. It's math, not disenfranchisement. And if the Media was sexist, your campaign exploited RACIAL TENSION.

I'm done harping on this, and I hate to bloviate, but I feel that as someone with no political power except for my vote I'm not jumpin' out of line to do so.

Hillary did bring home points about McCain and the war. She threw a full-throated support of Obama into the center ring. But she also had to.

Seriously, can we all remember the past eight years and get on board with what we're fighting for?


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