Monday, August 25, 2008

These Colors Don't Fun

Being around certain members of my family, members that I love and owe everything to, I'm reminded at dinner tonight that poisonous values run deep, and last forever.

Evidenced by the overheard: If he gets elected he better watch his back. Yeah. But I don't think you're congratulating him on his bravery to run. I really hope you don't mean it that way, and I don't think you completely do, but....

And it amazes me how quickly Republicans are turning on Michelle Obama. They know they're probably going to lose. Now there's a new ambitious woman to hate. Is she ambitious? Or just honest and hard working? She worked her ass off and fought some pretty tough odds to get her education.

I never understood that Jewish character in Schindler's List who was working for the Germans in Krakow. I still don't get it.

If America means the Republican party and only the Republican party, I'm moved to exclaim to certain members of my family that that's grounds to raze America right to the ground and bring it out of the ashes into a new Republic, founded on decency.

I don't want that to be necessary, but I'm moved to imagine it when I hear things like I've been hearing lately. The decimation of our society may happen anyway.

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