Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Which

Roger Ebert uses evolutionary theory to encourage 3-D to go fuck itself.

That goes for you too, FAT GEORGE, with your plans of releasing all six in FAT-D, where everything FATS itself right off the screen. FAT.


Holly said...

Of course, I see his point, but instead of tearing down the format as a whole I'd rather see him praise the fine work being done by Disney Digital (to say nothing of the mindfucking to come when James Cameron's stereoscopic cave of wonders is pried open).

Plaid Avenger said...

Not so secretly, his use of the subject of 3-D to dispute creationism was what really encouraged me to post this.

I could easily imagine 3-D being fun on its own merits. Anything can progress from a novelty to an artform depending on the hands responsible.

And when I say I could easily imagine it, I mean Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D FTW.

Plaid Avenger said...

...Ahem. I also not so secretly had FAT reasons to post.