Friday, January 02, 2009

2008: The Year in Harvey Dent

Mid-2008, Lights up on Joan and Jesse (the J-Wil Pig Dogs), second or third consecutive Dark Knight viewing


J: We've really put a Harvey Dent in this popcorn!

J: .....really?

One Month Later:

J: Oh no you Harvey Dent'innt!!!!

J: A ha a ho a ha ha ho hah ho. And I thought MY jokes were bad.

J: Your post was so sweet I think I need to see a Harvey Dentist.

J:Now now, that was a little Harvey tenDentious, don't you think?

J: That little remark just earned you a Harvey Dentention. See me after class.

J: ooooh, that just makes me froth around my Harvey Dentata!

J: It seems we have come to a Harvey Dentente. [ We had not - Ed]

J: You're such a Harvey TranscenDENTalist.

J: I love you Harvey ArDENTly

Next Day:

J: 'm so sorry I missed you, I was watching the current Olympiad away from my computer, Harvey Evidently.

J:It's my own fault for becoming so Harvey codepenDent.

Before Dinner:

J: Hey, you won't want me near you after I eat at Olive Garden (which I love), unless I chew some Harvey Trident.

J: Oh, we are so not even CLOSE to being done with this Harvey Dent thing. They make me Harvey resplenDent with joy.

J: We tag-team with jokes that bring us joy through a Divine Harvey Providence.

The Next Day:

J: I want us to see Dark Knight again, but I'm not sure it would be Harvey pruDent.

J: I've seen the Dark Knight five times, and at this point it's invaded the Harvey SuDententland of my mind.

J: Yeah, I've officially gotten my Dark Knight Superfan Harvey creDentials.

J: I can only imagine how annoying it must be for our mutual friends when our never-ceasing Harvey Dent jokes show up in their news feeds. They must be Harvey desponDent.

J: All reactions to our banter that don't indicate rapturous joy are Harvey Incidental to me.

J: If they're feeling Harvey dissiDent, they were never really our friends to begin with.

J: I hold that truth to be self Harvey Evident.

J: That sets a good Harvey preceDent.

J: Our Harvey descenDents will speak of us with awe.

Ed Norton Pops in, Angrily:

J: Ed can be such a jealous little Harvey roDent.

J: You think he'd feel better if we sent him some Harvey RodoDentrens?

J: I think he's too Harvey Dents to understand the symbolism.

That Night:

J: I WATCHED THE FIFTH ELEMENT WHEN IT WAS ON LAST NIGHT. What is wrong with us? In the immortal words of Micah Corngod, we are one. It's like you've taken up Harvey resiDents in my brain.

J: Maybe we're Harvey Identical twins.

Election Cycle:

J: I seriously want to punch McCain in the face. He's not going to be my Harvey President.

Finish Line:

J: Here's hoping that the Dark Knight continues playing theaters throughout our lives, right up to the point when we're wearing Harvey Dentures.


Andrew said...

Amazing. I love it.

Jesse said...

You and Joan and I might be part of a very select few.

Holly said...

More. More.

Andrew said...

I'd participate, but I'm worried about stretching the bounds of the joke a bit.

I mean, I don't know the Do's and Den'ts involved here.