Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things Pass Before You

I left for Kansas on Sunday to visit sister and see her Wichita home for the first time. Her house also has this barely year old creature in it:

She's Gwendolyn Jade, and she laughs at everything.

Prior to the trip, we had received word that our Grandmother (on my Dad's side) had had a stroke and was ready to leave us. Grandmom never got over my Dad's death (and frankly, the decade's worth of disasters that preceded it).

She passed on around noon on Tuesday. She was 85. I hope she's at peace. She was unhappy. I don't know what's appropriate to write about here. She loved us to pieces and we loved her right back, and I hope she knows that.

The funeral is in Dyersburg on Saturday, and I'm doing ok. Love you all.


Nathaniel said...

Jesse, we love you too. Our thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nathaniel. Means a lot.