Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration For ADULTS 35 and Up Only.

I've imagined a whole rant to write against W. since this day started approaching. I was going to say he should resign on Nov. 5th, after first ordering Dick Cheney to resign and then having him arrested. I was going to tell him that the best way for us to heal would be for him to stand accountable for his crimes. Blah blah blah. Holder'll either pursue it or he won't. I hope these medieval thugs get what's coming to them, but for now, their exit will suffice, and I'm a little beat.

So, a word or two to bitter Republicans: Thank you. Thank you for your generous support in '04 of all this nifty socialism we're about to get. If you hadn't voted for Obama in '08 by voting for Bush in '04, I probably wouldn't be a little bit closer to socialized medicine paying my medical bills if something happens to me from here on out. Thank you for supporting an obvious straw man, thank you for your support of mean bastard policies, thank you for looking out for number one first.

And please, please, please put Sarah Palin on the ticket, but before you do, you should probably read this. Or don't. You'll just despair, but then you might not heed my advice and you'll put your support behind a halfway decent Republican the likes of which wouldn't send me vituperating ass-over-kerchief for four to eight years about the need for a litmus test for voting. Here's a clue: If they can't make it through Katie Couric, they're not qualified.

Just getting this out of my system, as per usual, vis. living in a red house.

As for Obama, I have few words that could match tomorrow's speech, I'm sure, so I'll let my favorite DJ do the work:

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