Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's Always So Funny...

...when an emotionally, morally, and intellectually challenged subsection of an electoral minority gets together and protests.

Unconstitutional? What section? Which article? What amendment? Define the Constitution for me. I dare you.

Where was their anger while we were being wiretapped? Where was the anger during the largest transfer of wealth from one class of people to another, in history? Where was their anger, etc., etc., etc.?

If a hundred assholes crash a hundred planes into a hundred buildings, tomorrow, I still want us to set the example for the world with a commitment to due process.


Erin said...

My response to watching this video was something that's becoming all too familiar: mouth and eyes wide open, shaking head, mini-panic attack RE: the stupidity and craziness of these people. I mean (and this is minor compared to the issues you've pointed out), who the fuck still uses the words "white race?"

Plaid Avenger said...

Oh yeah, that one's hard to ignore. I think a case could be made that non-US citizens may not have constitutional protections. It's not the stance I take, but I'm willing to hear counter-arguments.

These people are not issuing counter-arguments. They're responding with fervid, random, inarticulate rage and fear.

They're vaguely aware they're losing something, or feel threatened by this, and they've each become a giant raging id.