Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Car Caviar Four Star Daydream

"Someoen just go ahaed and mark this as the death of music. why don't you get together and desecrate the mona lisa or re-shoot the godfather?"

- Angry fanboy on iTunes complaining about The Flaming Lips, Stardeath, Henry Rollins, et. al, covering the entirety of Dark Side Of the Moon.

Music is meant to be performed and experimented with. And The Flaming Lips are easily as accomplished today as Pink Floyd was in their day.

The original version will always be there.

Try doing something even remotely as positive as the Lips have been doing with their lives. I dare you.


Andrew said...

Hasn't Duchamp (among others) already "desecrated" the Mona Lisa?

L.H.O.O.Q., indeed.

Plaid Avenger said...


Not to mention the number of orchestral recordings, light shows, and remixes of any Pink Floyd. Dark Side of the Moon is brilliant. And this cover is a tribute.

People make me want to womit.