Friday, November 06, 2009

Idiot Food

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I've just had somebody tell me that Beck's viewers don't buy into his claims completely, that it's just entertainment. I would urge against that kind of apologia, because first of all, yes, many, many of them do, including members of my family who snatch up every book he recommends and parrot out things to me they've heard him say on the hate channel. Same goes for the countless people who walk through my checkout line, buying his "books", some spouting off to me and others in line about how today's young better listen to this righteous man.

But the most pressing advice I can think of to urge against this apologia is that plain garbage should be avoided, no matter how "entertaining" it might be for appealing to your basest instincts.

Beck's show is poisoning the body politic, three million scant viewers (as compared to overall population) or not. He has every right to host his own show and spout off as much crazy shit as he can think of. But that doesn't mean it's harmless. Everyone should actively curb intellectual and cognitive pollution. It's easily as harmful as any other kind.


Online Printing Company said...

Hhmmm... that situation does sound fishy. Glenn Beck is a very opinionated man. And a lot of people want to know his thoughts are, even if some of us end up hating him.

Jon is sooo funny, as usual. :D

Plaid Avenger said...

The fact that people want something mediates in no way the actual damage this thing can do to their critical-thinking faculties, and that hurts everyone, ultimately.

You shouldn't smoke, and you shouldn't damage your mind, either.