Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Year In Futurism

December is upon us, all the big releases are already pending, and it's not too early to lay out my top ten tracks of the year. 2009 was a fuckin' year for stormers. 2010's gonna have to mobilize early to beat this one:

10. Tiga - What You Need (Proxy mix)

This is the new hard. Proxy's champion dark sounds rival the best of Uberzone, Crystal Method and even Prodigy (just check his remixes of Liam's stuff. Scorchers). This track wound up mixing with a variety of styles this year.

9. Kidda - Doo Whot (Jaymo & Andy George's Moda mix)

Brings back big beat for a moment or two, only to abandon it completely for the worbliest of basslines I've heard all year. Jaymo & Andy George are gonna break it big in 2010.

8. Evil Nine - The Night

Such an amazing track. An epic, enthralling number. Evil Nine has triumphed with the most orchestral and pleasing track you can dance to since, well, Hybrid.

7. South Rakkas Crew - Robot's Revenge

Yeah. I wanted this one to come out a while ago. Hopefully it'll come out before New Year's. Good Christ, this is sick.

6. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Sickly Child

They have this name, and are mindblowingly awesome. It's worth pointing out that I discovered some of these tracks listening to Alex Metric's monthly radio show, and I think he's absolutely right, here. Just disgusting.

5. Popof - Faces'uch

Best elektro of the year. Just flawless, as is everything this dude divines.

4. Stanton Warriors - Good Vibrations

I'd hate to spoil this for you. Just let 'em show you how it's done.

3. Miike Snow - Black and blue (Tiga mix)

Down and dirty, spastic, spare and funky as fuck. Took me a few listens to adequately appreciate. He's doing a lot more here than you may first realize. Just the sexiest remix this year.

2. Passion Pit - Eyes as Candles (Grum vocal mix)

Another gem introduced to me by Alex Metric, Grum's jaw-dropping remix of Passion Pit was the theme song to my travels with Holly through the southwest this year. Incidentally, this is a bootleg, probably not for sale ever, and it's mislabeled on the internet as "To Kingdom Come".

1. Alex Metric - What Now

Good luck topping this in the rock meats electronic category. God. What a fucking storm trooper of a song. Hat's off, and good luck to Mr. Metric in his quest to top this himself.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovers of the wobbly sound.

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