Tuesday, November 17, 2009


People buying Palin voucher last night:

Customer 1: She's the only one who made any damned sense during that whole election. Not like that jack-ass who's in there now

Customer 2: AMEN

Customer 1: They act like being able to skin a moose and fire-

Customer 2: -fire a gun

Customer 1: -a gun, yes, that disqualifies her from being president!

(she wasn't running for president. You know that, right? I mean, yes, obviously she could've been president, in her position, god help us all, but, remember John McCain? War Hero? Accomplished Senator? No?)

Customer 1: If I keep hearing that the economy's improving I'm gonna puke.

So, is this a majority of southerners and other hard-line conservatives? This is what Karl Rove has programmed them to be? People who hear not policy, or words, just code? She makes sense? In what hypothetical linguistic way?

I know, I know, I shouldn't be surprised. Still, cheering for high unemployment and rooting for economic catastrophe because it would hurt Obama seems to be their past time, never mind who was in charge when we were attacked, or who was in charge when the economy tanked. And do they, or Sarah Palin have our best interest in mind? Do I really have to ask any of this?

And no, for the record, since you're boiling down the opposition to your addled Alaskan horror-show to some perceived elitist wash, against hunters, it is not because she can fire a gun and skin a moose. That doesn't automatically disqualify a candidate. How it counts as a credential, however, for the most difficult job on the planet, you have all yet to bother to explain.

Hate to vent about it, but I have to endure this throughout the holiday season now that this farce of a book is out on the shelves. And I won't get mad, 'cause y'all lost. Hope you keep losing, but could you find better ways to cope if and when you do?

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Print Postcards said...

I just wish that people would just help each other instead waiting for someone to commit a mistake and slinging mud.

Well still hoping for a brighter future and gotta keep being positive.